Announcement Coming Soon

The past few weeks have been very exciting for us, making more progress on booking our major artists as well as locking down sponsors, our venue, and more. Our event will be on October 6th, with the venue and lineup to be announced soon. We are going to bring a great blend of Indie Rock and Roll as well as Electronic Acts, too. 

If you are interested in becoming a potential sponsor, email Will Blazejeski at will@rocktherocknyc.com. Also, if you’re just waiting for updates, like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter!

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Thanks for all of the support.

Thank You!

Thanks for stopping by our blog. Rock the Rock NYC, or #RTRNYC, is the group effort of a select few club and concert promoters here in New York City. We have an incredibly cool venue locked down, and we’re currently in the process of booking some awesome artists to headline the event.

This isn’t going to be your typical 50,000,000 person 4 day music festival, that has too many DJ’s, too many people, and is too much money for what it’s worth. The whole concept of the “mega-event” pushed on the public in recent years doesn’t really benefit anyone. Artists get less time to perform, spectators don’t get to see everyone they may want to see, and they pay a lot of money.

We envision smaller, more local events put on to satisfy everyone, and this is just one of which based in New York City.

Check out our website, http://www.rocktherocknyc.com and sign up for our email list to be one of the first people to know about what we have going on. We’re sure, if you’re like us, you’ll like what you see!